Miller Veneer Products

Miller Veneer products was born out of necessity. Our parent company, Miller Woodworking Inc., is embedded in one of the top architectural markets in the world. 20 years ago, it struggled with obtaining veneer faces.  The product had to be correct to match our specific requirements and scrutinizing eyes for quality, but in the market at that time, that was not the case. Straight away, we became our best and only customer.

The bar was set high coming from the end-user perspective. We have learned what works and have developed tricks and techniques for producing custom layout panels based on specific client preferences and visual impact goals.

Our journey has afforded us the honed sensibility and technicality to produce veneer faces that are right the first time; end results that last the test of time and are specific to your unique architectural woodwork vision.


Here at Miller Veneer products, doors have also had their own evolution. In 2008, we took the first opportunity to fabricate our own doors. We now have a door program second to none. No visible laminations, 2 ply faces, and a custom lightweight core developed in-house over the years. We have made doors well over 16 feet tall and wide that work. Through the years of meeting large-scale height, width, thickness, reveal and detail requests, we’ve become fluid with the requirements in engineering custom architectural-grade doors.

Fire Doors

Just about all of our projects have a demand for fire doors. Getting a separate firm to produce the same product with matching veneer became nearly impossible. As the structures of our doors evolved, this allowed us to meet fire door rating standards, thus allowing us to incorporate matching architectural details to a 20-minute or 60-minute fire-rated door, ultimately achieving complete unison in a matching door package.

Our Facility

We started out with one 4×8 press through which we educated ourselves creating panels for our customers.  Over the years we continually added new seamers, sanders, and presses in order to grow with our increasing demand. We now offer two full laminating lines with 5×12 presses and backed up by two 5×10 individual presses for additional custom layups.

Most Recent


Although wood veneer is considered an industrial building material type of product, we see it as much more than that. We see beauty, nature, and art. And just as you could sculpt a piece of clay in to an unlimited number of artistic shapes, veneer can be installed in an unlimited range of artistic project ideas.

FSC Standards

All panel cores are Forest Stewardship Council “FSC” certified, and most of our veneers are available with FSC certification. We strive to select veneers to surpass architectural woodwork standards.